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The O' Club / Re: RIP Pat Robertson
« Last post by Nefarious on Yesterday at 06:25:15 PM »
no love for the Iron Sheik?

I wonder who fooled more people?
The O' Club / Re: RIP Pat Robertson
« Last post by knorB on Yesterday at 06:22:27 PM »
no love for the Iron Sheik?
Films and Screenshots / Re: LGM Films now on Youtube
« Last post by Kermit de frog on Yesterday at 05:00:04 PM »
Another one added. 

Aircraft and Vehicles / Re: bullet drop
« Last post by Dadtallica on Yesterday at 04:56:16 PM »
Good note thanks.

I donít do 200.
Aircraft and Vehicles / Re: bullet drop
« Last post by Vulcan on Yesterday at 04:40:35 PM »
Iím still not clear on how to set mixed gun convergence then. Should cannons be set past the machine guns or keeping them together work best?

Cannons and MGs typically have quite different muzzle velocities, so you should really try to use them individually. Usually the cannon round is a lot slower, so if you're shooting mixed guns you might see hit splashes from your mg but your cannon rounds are falling behind the target (which results in the ch200 whine... "I hit you with a gazllion 20mm" - when in fact it's been BBs splashing the target).
Aces High General Discussion / Re: Your best kill ever
« Last post by Wiley on Yesterday at 04:16:15 PM »
One that sticks in my head is not long after they added the 410 to the game, I upped one and went buff hunting with the 50(55?)mm.  I got up to alt and found some buffs and settled into a tail chase at about 2000 yards.  I had one of Shuffler's fancy gunsights with the range markers, lined up the 2000 yard line, and pulled the trigger.  *BOOM* B24 careening to earth.

I have not hit another bomber outside 600 yards with that gun since... :D

Help and Training / Re: What Are You Aiming At?
« Last post by Wiley on Yesterday at 04:10:29 PM »
Generally speaking I'm a fan of pointing the nose ahead of them and putting out a bullet stream for them to run into.  Particularly with cannons, and even more particularly with 30mm and up.  Pulling Gs makes everything hit low, and I believe that is magnified the slower the round is.  This is particularly noticeable when you've got multiple types of guns firing at the same time.

An all .50s equipped plane, your rounds are going to be in the same vicinity if you're pulling when you fire.  Something like an A8 with 30mm, 20mm, and 12mm if you're pulling Gs, everything is going to be a different amount low, so only part of your bullet stream will hit.  Unloaded, they're all reasonably grouped up.

With the above in mind, I aim for the nose to hopefully reduce the "shoot behind" tendency Eagler mentioned, and also that puts the longest portion of the plane in the bullet stream.  With the above tactic, hitting a wing only puts a couple rounds into it.

With bombers, I either go for the cockpit or the wingroot.  With the exception of the B29, which I aim for the wingtip because they seem very fragile.


The O' Club / Re: SISU, fun movie with Nazi bad guys
« Last post by GasTeddy on Yesterday at 04:07:54 PM »
I had similar questions when I saw the bit in Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Must be set during the Lapland War.

Yes, there was Lapland war 1944-45, as after armistice Russians deliberately demamnded Germans out in 2 weeks, which was impossible task and then Allied control comission forced Finns to start war against peacefully withdrawing Germans. In the beginning it was "gentelemens war", where shootings and targets were mutually agreed upon, but some whistleblower commie was betraying it to Russians, who then forced Finns to start real war by threats of occupation.

Anyway, nothing like that in the trailer happened. Germans were using burned land tactics, but helped to evacuate civilians and gave them supplies, behaving in almost everywhere correctly towards population. Most of them were smart enough to understand the situation and many had good friends among Finns.
I would go back to last Thursday evening and call my dad. I would have but there was something else to do so I forgot. He died Friday morning at 2 AM.

Condoleances. My choise would be bit similar. I'd go back to that moment long time ago when I jumped off from my fathers car and told him to tell my greetings to his uncle. He parished on that trip.
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