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The O' Club / Re: Carbon Passports may be the answer!
« Last post by guncrasher on Yesterday at 08:31:43 PM »
Just asking for info here. What brand / make car was that? I personally don't recall that.

I dont remember exactly but it was a hatchback, maybe a honda?  I remember watching the commercials and thinking I should buy one.

Aces High General Discussion / Re: Skyyr
« Last post by Palace Cobra on Yesterday at 08:27:13 PM »
Someone broke Simon.  He's complaining about his own tactics.  :headscratch:
The O' Club / Re: Disney Dipping Their Toes Into The Golden Era…
« Last post by guncrasher on Yesterday at 08:17:34 PM »
Wasn't it a transgender person with XX chromosomes that thought they had XY chromosomes?

My 5 year old knows the difference between XX and XY chromosomes. Seems there's many adults how don't.

well if you dont include the exceptions.  xx and xy are the prevalent but not exactly the only ones. so no your kid doesnt know the complete story.

Custom Skins / Re: Col. Hubert "Hub" Zemke - P-38J (823-Z) - 479th FG, 434th FS
« Last post by Vraciu on Yesterday at 07:32:24 PM »

Thanks,  WH.

It is submitted. 
Custom Skins / Re: P-47M 56thFG 62ndFS Maj Mike Quick
« Last post by Vraciu on Yesterday at 07:31:53 PM »
Great job. 
Aces High General Discussion / Re: That last 1.5 years
« Last post by Yeager on Yesterday at 07:31:28 PM »
had open heart in 2012.  Im here today because of it.  Its not bad really.  Just need to make damned sure you can tolerate pain control meds, because that will make recovery much easier.  Took me three months to get back to 80%...  9 more months and I was @ 100%

Give them Hell Dale.  and then you can add the P61 A/B...  Maybe even Ripsnort makes an appearance!

Let me know if you have any questions about recovery, or mental conditioning before the procedure.
Friday Squad Operations / Devil's broomstick frame 2 Allied orders sent out
« Last post by RedBeard on Yesterday at 07:18:36 PM »
I just sent out the orders for Allies, frame 2.

FYI, I don't know air spawn directions yet, but I'll find out before FSO.

Red Beard
CO 364th C-Hawks
The O' Club / Re: The future of warfare
« Last post by Nefarious on Yesterday at 07:14:38 PM »
Shoulder fired aimed EMP weapons have been designed, patented and are in testing since 2019. Their primary purpose is to scramble the electronics of small lethal drones. Seems to work and is relatively inexpensive. It's a piezoelectric generator with focused antenna attached to an M4 rifle. It uses the energy of a blank cartridge.

AeroVironment's Switchblade 300 has a 20+ km range at 63 mph. 18 km with 100 mph sprint speed. Under development now are autonomous, AI operated drone killer drones. One can only wonder how fast the modern battlefield will disappear like Napoleonic tactics...

You can see the jamming happening right now in most recent drone footage. I don't think Russia was ready for the drone menace early on. But jammers/jamming is pretty common now in Ukraine. If you see any drone footage where a drone is diving in on a target and they go static as they approach that's the jamming happening.

For now, they have limitations. The race is on for countermeasures for jamming and also jam proof signals.
Aces High General Discussion / Re: old timers
« Last post by Cohibadad1 on Yesterday at 06:51:07 PM »
wow,I created a account just to say hello to all you old timers.Talk about a long time ago!! I flew wayyy... back in the day as ICOM. I cant even remember my squad....  JG26 maybe?. it was definitely early to mid 90's. I'm getting too old and its been so long ago. I think when I started it was 1.99$ an hour? Anyone remember the conventions in Houston and Dallas around 95 maybe 94? Anyone go to those?  I guess it was warbirds back them... at least I think that was the name?.  I met Dale and Pyro at those. It was such a fun time. I was even lucky enough to win something, it was a free trip to a Boeing plant and I was able to fly a real commercial pilot simulator, what a blast from the past. I do remember Frodo and Kermit icons from the past. I hope both of you are doing fantastic. Happy hunting to everyone here. 
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